God brought you here for a reason today!


Our mission at Gary's United Methodist Church is to advance God's kingdom. We invite you to be part of this community of faith that nurtures each and every person, reaches out to those in need, and witnesses to all in the name of Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Upcoming Events:

Another Look - Morning Devotion and Prayer, Mon-Thurs, 8am, join on the Another Look Facebook Page

Evensong Prayer - Mon-Thurs, 8pm, join on the Evensong Facebook Page

28:7 Gym Ministries: Mon - Thurs 9am-12pm, 2-730pm & Sat 10a,-4pm, talk to Michael or Debbie to reserve your time.

November 9 (Tuesday) - Food Bank Ministries, 8:30am-12noon

November 10 (Wednesday) - Bible Study at Gary's UMC or via Zoom, 7pm

November 11 (Thursday) - Choir Practice, 7pm at Gary's UMC

November 14 (Sunday) - Youth Group meeting following worship at Blandford UMC

November 15 (Monday) - SPRC Meeting, 7pm at Salem UMC

November 16 (Tuesday) - Gary's Church Council Meeting at Gary's UMC

November 21 (Sunday) - UMW Meeting Following worship at Gary's UMC

November 21 (Sunday) - Drive-in Communion, 3pm at Blandford UMC

November 30 (Tuesday) - District Conference, 7pm via Zoom

December 5 - UMW outing to Swift Creek Mill. Contact Betsy Campbell or Carol Driskill for more information. 

December 5 (Sunday) - Salem Memorial Tree Lighting Event

December 12 (Sunday) - Live Nativity with Caroling at Blandford UMC

                   Community Library

As a community project, the United Methodist Men of the Prince George Parish (Blandford, Salem, Gary’s) have put up a Little Free Library.  Gary’s was chosen as the site because of the visibility and accessibility.   It is our hope everyone will use it.  Take whatever you like.  We thought adding puzzles would be a nice touch in addition to books.  There’s room on the top shelf for paper backs primarily and maybe a puzzle.  Suggestions are welcome and appreciated.  The lower shelf will accommodate most books.

Please share the information with your friends, neighbors and family.

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