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Special Announcement:

Services will be held at 11am, combined worship AT Gary's UMC with Blandford UMC beginning July 1, 2023.

Services will rotate between locations on a monthly basis. See the full minutes of the most recent meeting outlining changes coming, attached below.

Gary's United Methodist Church

Administrative Council Meeting Minutes

May 16, 2023

7:00 pm Russell Kvasnicka, chair called the meeting to order.

Pastor Michael Baugham opened with a devotion.

This  meeting did not follow the normal agenda but dealt with the matter of combing Gary's and Blandford under the leadership of Debbie Baugham.

Russell began the meeting by laying out the plan to have the church's combine services starting in July at Gary's.  There will be a Sunday school in the social hall at 10:00am.  Breakfast/Coffee will be offered during Sunday school.  There will be a sign up sheet.  There is also a bucket for donations.  Service will start  at 11:00 am.  The fifth Sunday will be a covered dish luncheon.

In August the two churches will meet at Blandford.

Sunday School at 10:00

Service at 11:00


In September the two churches will meet at Gary's.

In October the two churches will meet at Blandford and have the picnic at The Home Builders Pavilion on the fifth Sunday.

In November the two churches will meet at Gary's.

In December the two churches will meet at Blandford.

The Choir will perform at both churches for services.

A schedule of Usher will be created  arranging for one usher from Gary's and one from Blandford.

The usher will be responsible for recording attendance from each church and monies collected.

Members should make checks out to their home church or use an envelope to denote which church should receive their money.  Loose money will be divided evenly.

A schedule of the Acolytes will be created arranging for one acolyte from Gary's and one from Blandford.

The churches will update their marquees to send church members to the correct church each month.  The web pages will also be updated. 

Communion will continue to be the first Sunday of the month.  Katherine Tyler will set it up at Gary's and Kim and Gary Welch will set it up at Blandford.

Vacation Bible School was proposed.  If you are interested in heading this up please contact Debbie Baugham. 

The Choir meets to practice on Thursdays at 7pm.  They welcome new members.

The United Methodist Women in Faith also welcome new members.  They will hold their monthly meeting on May 21st.  (This is the last meeting until the Fall.  Our guest speaker will be Bill Humphreys from Crater Hospice.) Ladies are encouraged to bring a lunch or snack.

There was a lot of discussion among the treasurers about tax ids and W2s.  They will meet with the DS treasurer and hammer this out.

Debbie's salary is set by the DS.  Gary's pays $24,700 and Blandford pays $27,000.

Gary's will continue to pay Linda as she does play for us no matter the location.

Reminder if you are not getting the group email check your spam folder and see Janet Callis to check that she has your correct email address.


Board meeting will be moved to the 5th Sunday after church (other Sundays as necessary)

Adjourned by Russell Kvasnicka 7:47 Debbie Baugham closed with prayer.

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