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Michael Baugham


I am a living testimony that God can and does work miracles in the lives of the unlikely. I am the youngest of three children to Bobby and Margaret Baugham. I was born and raised in the Franklin and Southampton County areas of Virginia. I attended church regularly with my family which included my grandparents. I graduated from Franklin High School and left home to pursue my Associates degree at the Art Institute of Philadelphia. After graduation, I returned home and used the carpentry skills I learned to work for a local building contractor for numerous years. All the while God was pruning and tending to me because I was living in a secular world. I kept answering God’s call with, “I’ll get back to you, I’m still young” until one day God saved me from my worst enemy - myself.


I dug deep into my Bible and came back into church. I attended Lay Speaking training and became a certified Lay Speaker. I soon began filling pulpits and preaching for other preachers as needed. God kept working his will into my life by way of working with youth, mission trips and continued Bible studies; I accepted each opportunity eagerly. In 2004 I spoke to my pastor about what I would need to do to continue my journey with God in a more official capacity.  In 2005 I was assigned my first appointment as a Lay Supply pastor.  I began working on my education and requirements with the UMC.  In 2012 with my wife Debbie by my side I entered into the life of Seminarians at Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union in Richmond, VA. We both graduated in May of 2015.


May 2015 brought the news that we would be appointed to the Gary’s - Salem Charge of The United Methodist Church. In a very short and productive time we have already been welcomed and embraced by two loving churches and communities.


My wife Debbie and I look forward to meeting you any Sunday.

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